Community Cultural Education

Community Cultural Education serves to familiarize current residents with the strengths and characteristics of newcomer populations. Education is offered through presentations and workshops at various locations including area nonprofit organizations, businesses, and schools. Cultural proficiency workshops are offered throughout the year.

In the past, we have partnered with the Human Rights Commission of Austin and brought facilitators from the St. Paul Foundation who led discussions about race, racism and white privilege. New Conversations is designed for use by neighbors, friends, family members, co-workers, members of faith communities and civic and recreational clubs. The primary audience is people who may not have thought a lot about race and racism. The New Conversations About White Privilege tool is designed for individuals and groups who have begun to explore racism and want to learn more about the various facets of the issue. The white privilege tool draws on the work of author Dr. Peggy McIntosh, who defines privilege as unearned advantage. During the course of New Conversations, participants watch scenarios on DVD and complete activities designed to help them explore and understand their perspectives and behaviors on the issue of race and racism. Our goals are to encourage individuals to take part in New Conversations to promote racial/cultural competence.

Taste of Nations

Taste of Nations is a FREE, family-friendly event with lots of entertainment and prizes. The primary goal for Taste of Nations is to bring people together. We believe that TON is a great way to learn about different people, culture and traditions in Austin/Mower County. When people come together to learn more about each other, the community becomes healthier, stronger and more connected.

Welcome Center Accreditation

The Welcome Center of Austin announces that it has been certified in accountability and awarded the Charities Review Council “Meets All Standards” Seal. The Certification and Seal indicate that the Welcome Center meets all twenty-seven of the Council’s Accountability Standards. More

Core Values

  • Diversity: We celebrate diverse cultures, backgrounds and languages and the contributions all people make to our community.
  • Service: We believe that service begins with commitment to and compassion for all people with whom we come in contact.
  • Opportunity: We believe that, with access to the right resources, all people have the capacity to thrive socially, economically and physically.
  • Respect: We respect and honor all people with whom we come in contact with regardless of class, race, gender and sexual orientation.